Who is devendra banhart dating 8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter dad

I feel like I’ve done that with a lot of my records. For my album , I wanted to go where [Louisiana R&B musician] Bobby Charles worked. It’s a pretty commercial, as far as commercials go, but it’s still odd to see Devendra as such a non-creep.I guess that’s what happens once you date Natalie Portman.It is, however expensive to be the beautiful people.The Oliver Peoples sunglasses run from 5 to 0.

Things apparently just weren't working out between the pair, who started dating in April. Yes, I am judging him for being friends with Lindsay Lohan. John Mayer, indisputably talented but at the same time a total cheese dick, undermining whatever artistic integrity he has with his incessant douchebaggery. Word is he’s certainly gifted but he’s also certainly a famewhore. Then when she went to rehab (for the third time) last year, he made her a CD and sent it along. I call it sh*t by association - not exactly something Natalie Portman would and should be proud of. that girl dated Andrew from MGMT and weren't Andrew and Devendra friends?she is dating no one but musicians Answer: I mean, everyone’s got a type.

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Now here he is, lathering up his (real life) very attractive girlfriend, Rebecca Schwartz, in a four-minute-long “short film” (or commercial, as we call things like this in the real world) for eyeglass company Oliver Peoples.

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