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may have formed a sacred bond between actresses Amber Tamblyn and Blake Lively, but it looks like their husbands might be even closer than the former costars.PHOTOS: Ryan Reynolds and other stylish leading men in Hollywood Tamblyn, 30, spoke with Us Weekly at the 10 Years After The Prime Time Closet -- A History of Gays and Lesbians on TV in the Leonard H.

"There are 1,000 jokes going through my head right now," she joked, then detailed their first encounter on a connecting flight from Houston to Louisiana.They have been in love with the idea for a long time," she told Us."I think Ryan wants to literally share a pair of pants with him so he's in one leg and David's in the other. They announced their engagement back in August of last year, and less than a year ago, CB wrote about David and Amber claiming that their wedding was going to happen “soon”. In the photo, Tamblyn wraps her arms around her husband while slow dancing. They dated for about three years, they were engaged for a little more than a year, and they had a nice wedding. “Yo La Tengo playing Superchunk, Mission of Burma, and Pixies covers at David and Amber’s wedding,” Bangs, 40, captioned his shot.

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