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The UNIQUE constraint or a Primary Key are the only completely certain way to prevent duplicate data.For most things it's just the quickest and easiest method to add a bit of indexing.

You can provide your own custom error logic by handing this event.

I tried writing it in the Validation Text but that did not work as I have since figured that it only works if you have a Validation Rule. Set a UNIQUE CONSTRAINT on the column in the table definition.

I guess the only way is to go down the VBA route and I don't mind. This is the ultimate guaranty that no duplicate values can be entered into the column, whatever happens. Let's suppose that the textbox used to enter the bank account number is named Txt_Acc Number and that the related column is named Acc Number in a table named Tbl Accounts, you can use this code when you want to check if the account number entered in Txt_Acc Number already exists: Thanks Guys all very helpful - it is working now.

In fact, many organizations don’t need anything beyond what Outlook 2013 offers right out of the box.

Others, however, have special needs that Outlook 2013 does not address, perhaps because of the way these organizations do business or because of specific requirements in their particular industries.

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