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Michelle Frankel, certified matchmaker, dating coach and founder of NYCity Matchmaking, will present an informal discussion and Q&A about "How to Succeed with Online Dating" on Thursday, June 2 at p.m.

in the Community Room of the West Caldwell Public Library, 30 Clinton Road.

It’s 2017 and much to your surprise, the world hasn’t ended. In a panic, you try to make up for all the moments you’ve wasted. So you blow the whole thing up and walk away with flames trailing behind you.

You’re still sort of bracing for the end of the world, though, because the world is spinning wildly off its axis. But they’re gone, and holy shit Saved by the Bell: The College Years is FINALLY on Netflix! Fuck it: The world’s going to end and nothing matters, so you might as well just lie in the empty pool for a while and watch Ferris Buehler’s Day Off as you slowly rise with the water.

Yes, be thoughtful when presenting your innermost thoughts and desires and outlining your plans, your passions and your hobbies, but when presenting that photographic image, spend time and get it right.

Go for a selection of flattering photographs that show you at your best: for the men, tidy yourself up a little, for the women, just the merest hint of skin wouldn’t go amiss.

But then you run out of House of Cards episodes on Netflix, so you fill the pool, sit on the edge and watch it drain again. It wasn’t as good as you expected, but you laughed and it distracted you for a while.

It’s expensive and exhausting and holy shit House of Cards Season 5 is on Netflix!

a' data-cycle-speed='600' data-cycle-swipe-fx='scroll Horz' data-cycle-swipe='true' data-cycle-timeout='6000' data-cycle-update-view='0' data-cycle-youtube-autostart='false' data-cycle-youtube='true' data-youtube-allow-full-screen='true' Are you divorced, widowed, or trying to get into the dating scene?

Then perhaps you can meet your perfect match through online dating.

You’re surrounded by thousands of people who also are hoping the world won’t end, but you’ve never felt more alone. The nostalgia bender should get you through another week, but it doesn’t, so you swipe right and left and right and right, and you’re not even paying attention at this point because the world is going to end soon and nothing matters. Much like the last one, s/he is reluctant to invest the time it takes to confirm your shared but unspoken intuitions. But then your wifi abruptly cuts out, and you mutter to yourself, “Fuck you, Comcast.

So you turn to online dating because that will meet one or more needs on Mazlow’s hierarchy — most likely ones from the bottom of the pyramid, but you cyclically convince yourself that the “one” is still out there, waiting for you to show up, preferably with pizza, because who doesn’t love pizza.

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