Speed dating under the mistletoes

As the series continues, Kendall and Jo become much closer to the point where they are in love with each other.Their relationship ended in Big Time Break Up when Jo moves to New Zealand to shoot a new movie.I’ve always added some symbols to help readers find the books they’d like to read.An asterisk (*) means that a book is written by a person of color, but features white protagonists, and a cross (†) means that while the characters are diverse, the author may not be (i.e.

Like the tiniest hint of an iceberg's white tip, love is but a symptom of something bigger to come.

And while all the books might not be available for preorder yet, all of them are on Goodreads to add to your TBR piles.

The books below feature people of color as one or both of the protagonists, are written by a person of color, and feature characters that may be genderqueer or disabled.

Includes Jasper, Percabeth, Frazel, Leo/Reyna, and many others, please feel free to leave a comment. Camp Half-Blood can decide its weather thanks to enchantments but Chiron had thought it fit to get wintery weather in time for Christmas.

Jason was going to the sword pit, to clear his head. All of the girls on camp were pretty, as constantly fighting monsters keeps you in good shape, but none of them could hold a torch to Piper. Will Solace was good-looking, there was no doubt about that, and funny, and smart, and kind, and brave, and strong.

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