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The students in the school’s general arts and sciences program had high hopes of earning Canadian work experience after their study visas expired, given that the school is listed on Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s “designated learning institutions list” for the work permit program.

“Immigration is not keeping pace with the changes of education,” said Toronto immigration lawyer Ravi Jain, who is representing more than 50 of the affected students.

But international students with a bachelor’s degree from abroad who have also completed one year of studies at a Canadian post-secondary institution needed only one semester at Niagara to earn the diploma.

“The students exercised their due diligence to figure out the rules.

Dating a carnivore is not easy for someone who is conditioned to love animals.

Don't try to force your viewpoint on your partner: You may have chosen to go the no-meat way, but that may not be the case for your significant other.

Different types of calendars have always co-existed in India and this is still the case because each calendar is used in different parts of life.

The lunar calendar has some significant differences from the solar calendar and it also varies slightly in the diverse regions of India.

If Robin Leach were to rename his television programme as Lifestyles and Diaries of the Richand Famous, Surendra Kumar Jain might well have qualified as a celebrity guest. Underground tunnels with mirrored halls, diamond jewellery gifted to guests as return presents at his daughter's birthday and politicians littering the lawns at his Rs 40 crore Delhi farmhouse. Jain had once said: "I want to become the emperor of India, I want to control this country. At one of the Jain family houses in the elite Nehru Nagar of Bhilai, an army of guards rush forward to confront visitors, attempting to snatch cameras.

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