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Loratadine is in the drug class called antihistamines and blocks the histamines on H1 receptors from working and causing allergic symptoms in the body.

It is available as round, light salmon coloured tablets containing 10 mg of rupatadine (as fumarate) to be administered orally, once a day.On wiki it states that Seroquel is a strong antihistamine. how does seroquels antihistamine effect vary from the other common antiphychotics?I suffer from allergies & am consitering taking a low dose Zyprexa for insomnia regualy & it would be a bonus if it could help with allergies as well. is blocking H1 receptors resposible for the effect of antihistamines?I'm not that familiar with anti-psychotics but know that considering the wide spread of drugs covered under that title they don't all have action at the histamine (H) receptors.You seem to have read about Seroquel on wiki already so I'd also recommend.

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