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Harris’s writings provides a robust framework for why dating is the problem and courtship the solution.I entered my freshman year of college terrified of God and women — especially women.In these four thought-provoking sessions of this youth Bible study, students share the honest doubts and struggles they have about their own faith.If you were a conservative Christian in the 1990s and early 2000s, chances are you owned a copy of the bestselling “I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” by Joshua Harris.Each January he leads a national conference for singles called New Attitude.

Singles of all ages will find new motivation to readjust their romantic lives in light of God's Word.

By giving Harris permission to share these stories, they are being licensed to him for use in whatever way he sees fit—in whole in or in part, censored or uncensored, in service of whatever conclusions he comes to about the impact of his work.

But the reality is that the impact of his work is not his to decide.

I wasn't sure if either of them liked me, and I knew I had plenty of flaws that would make both of them want to reject me. To be clear, dating wasn't the only thing I abstained from at the time.

I deprived myself of pretty much every non-churchy activity possible: movies, television, secular music, food, school functions — you name it. The whole deprivation drama was inspired by my desire to show God how much I had changed since my rebellious days of high school.

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* Note: The real-life stories in this series contain mature themes.*What are you building your life on?

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