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An astronomy professor who was outed as a sexual harasser on the floor of Congress has sued the university that investigated him and a woman who leaked information about his long-secret case, saying they wrecked his once-promising future.

At a time when colleges are facing accusations they protect star faculty at the expense of victims, the professor, Timothy Slater, is seeking millions of dollars to punish those who let his case go public.

There is a lot of attention placed on the changing face of college students but I feel that, for college campuses to truly remain effective long term, diversity in faculty needs to be a paramount concern. Student bodies are no longer composed of primarily male, White students.

Some estimates show that half of America’s current workforce now passes through college first and 75 percent of students in high school spend at least some time studying in a higher education setting. What’s more—the number of college students from low-income and minority families continues to rise.

Diversity in faculty should not only be sought out for the students’ advantage though; the college legacy as a whole benefits when many different perspectives are represented.

Yes, it is important to have diversity in student populations but those groups are temporary college residents.

So at the time I was dating this guy and it was on and off, but when I met this girl, I was like, we could totally hang out. We hung out for three weeks or so, but she was planning on moving to another state for job. She ended up not moving, and we've been dating for four years.""The entire time we’ve been dating I’ve either been a grad student, or this year, I was an adjunct professor, picking up English classes at various universities in the city. She worked at one start up and had super crazy burnout, so she was taking a little time off when I met her, which was awesome because we got to hang out a lot. I think 5,000, maybe, because she gets bonuses and shit.D.’s in astronomy and astronomy education — a largely male dominated field — than any other professor in his age group,” the complaint states.But that’s not what lawmakers heard about Slater in January 2016, when Speier, a Democrat from California, detailed what she called “lurid and disturbing” accusations made against him when he was at the University of Arizona in Tucson.Thank god I have my partner, because I'm terrified.""I rage cried the first time we talked about my student loans.One day, she came home and was like, you should read this book.

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